30 November 2008

What Are the Rules for That Up There?

Dear Sean Taylor,

I hope that you can read this up there in Heaven. I'm assuming that's where you are because that's where all Redskins go when they die (Cowboys and Eagles go to purgatory for one more chance to root for the 'Skins). A year and three days after your death, I think that Redskins fans all over have learned and seen a lot that they never expected.

We saw the team become more than a team as they mourned together and turned what was shaping up to be a losing season into a mad run to the playoffs...where we lost anyway...seriously, you couldn't help them out even a little? What are the rules for that up there?

We saw Saint Joe Gibbs retire from coaching for what is surely the last time.

We saw Clinton Portis clam up...and you know the world isn't right when he's not talking in a crazy costume.

We saw that Dan Snyder actually maybe has a heart as he stayed with your family through everything and took on all the expenses surrounding flying the team and their wives down to your funeral. I don't know if he was one of the people behind plexi-glassing your locker, but that was a cool move.

Most of all, Dan Snyder is doing the right thing by inducting you into the Ring of Fame this afternoon. It's a huge honor (I'm sure that you're aware) and you deserve it. So I guess that I can agree with Mr. Snyder on a few things...but he better not get too used to it.

Finally, Sean, I hope that you'll be our twelfth man for the rest of the season (we can't get in trouble for it if the refs can't see you!) starting this afternoon against the Giants. In the past we've had the "Five-and-oh, or we don't go!" chants and we've done it (and, of course, screwed up against Seattle in the first playoff game...but they can't go this year!), so please help out your team.



P.S. We'll always miss you.

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