04 November 2008

If You Didn't Lose, I Wouldn't Whine

Dear Jim Zorn,

Know what I'm voting for today? Never seeing the burgundy-on-burgundy uniforms again. This is something that everyone in Washington will clamor for, regardless of political affiliation. Republicans and Democrats will reach across the aisle, join hands, sing "Hail to the Redskins" and be happy for about five seconds that they've finally agreed on something!

Also, I haven't voted the Redskins ticket for the Pro Bowl yet and I refuse to until you stop making me cry. I'm sitting here, hopped up on caffeine with the jitters all because of you. Coffee kept me up until 1:30 am because I wanted to stay awake for the entire game (thanks so much for losing!) and then when I got up at 5:00 am I had to have more to stay awake for the rest of today because Patriots Boyfriend thinks that Red Bulls are free game at my apartment and drinks them like they're water so I'm completely out and you know what else? I hate coffee! I hate the jitters! And I hate waiting in line for an hour and half to vote and being late to work and can't you do something about that since I vote in Ashburn and that's where the Redskins are?

*Takes deep breath* So. I'm caffeinated, nauseated, and sad all at once. And hungry. And I've sneezed like twice.

All because you lost to the Steelers in the burgundy-on-burgundy uniforms. Thanks, Zorn.

Don't Care if I'm Whiny,



Anonymous said...

Now THAT's the daughter that Redskin's Dad knows all too well!

Karen said...

Your name is "Redskins Dad;" there is no apostrophe. Sheesh.

Mike Stanton said...

man i don't know whats worse, losing on mnf and having to wait 13days to play again or mccain losing to a socalist? man i would be on suicide watch if the redskins had lost to the cowboys instead of the steelers last night. this week sucks!

Karen said...

I approve of your dedication to the Redskins. We all should be willing to give up our lives for our team. You go first.

Erin said...

You only wish you were cool enough to drink coffee and like it :p