11 November 2008

We All Do Things to Shame Ourselves

Dear Leigh Torrence,

Wow. You were let go. I definitely saw that coming as addressed in my last letter to you, but I had no idea how much attention Coach Zorn pays attention to my blog. Apparently he reads it often and respects my irrefutable advice.

We all make mistakes, Leigh; you didn't cover your guy in the game versus the Rams, and last night I drunkenly swore up and down to Patriots Boyfriend that he was wrong in thinking that the Arizona Cardinals are in the NFC. "They're AFC West!" I shouted. "You don't even need to look it up!" I proceeded to do a happy "I'm right!" dance before he showed me that I was wrong. Then he spent the next half an hour trying to coax me out of my room because I refused to come out and face that I was wrong about something.

See? We all do things to shame ourselves. Luckily for you, you'll never shame the Redskins again! Good news! The bad news is that you don't get to play for the best team ever (The Redskins) again, either. Sorry.

Anyway, good luck in your future endeavors. Maybe next time you won't allow the Rams to score on us.




jes1330 said...

Wow, you wer wrong about something!!

Karen said...

You w-e-r-e wrong about something, too.