17 October 2008

Want to Live off of Ramen?

Dear Leigh Torrence,

On Sunday, you were pretty much given one responsibility during the entire game. That was to make sure that your guy didn't get yardage or score. Since you're paid millions of dollars to do ONE thing, I think that you should have done it. And with a smile on your face, since you don't have to do too much to get all that cash. How would you like to do my 40-hour a week job for my middle-class salary? You wouldn't like it very much at all, I bet. Unless you want to live off of Ramen noodles (luckily, I think that Ramen is fabulous).

Your playing on Sunday, though, was not fabulous. Clearly you need instruction from an editor with too much time on her hands, so here it is: cover your guy next time! If I write to you in the future it better be because you did something great on the field...or else I'll start making fun of you much like I did Durant Brooks (little known "fact": Durant Brooks was glad to be cut to avoid being cut further from my words).

Stop Sucking!



ctwhitt said...

Does anyone know why Sean Alexander was picked up over Marcus Mason?

Karen said...

I'm pretty sure that it's because Jim Zorn is trying to make the Redskins a team of former Seahawks. Look to Alexander and our new punter as irrefutable evidence. Where will it go from here??

As long as it doesn't go to Matt Hassleback, I think we'll be fine.

Mike Stanton said...

actually Shaun Alexander is more famillar with Jim Zorn's offense due to his Seahawks days. Marcus Mason is actually on the Baltimore Ravens practice squad so its plausable to have signed him but we would have had to keep him on the current 53 man roster for the rest of the season.