22 October 2008

For Shame, Jim Zorn

Dear Jim Zorn,

What's the deal with getting all these (well, two) former Seattle Seahawks on our team? I mean, Ryan Plackemeier is much better than Durant Brooks, but so is everybody else. I bet that Sonny Jurgenson could suit up and beat the crap out of Durant Brooks, blindfolded. Sonny is sort of my hero (reports of drunk driving nonwithstanding). A commenter on this esteemed blog (it's esteemed by me!) questioned why we picked up that hack Shaun Alexander instead of young, fresh, awesome Marcus Mason. I wonder, too.

Mason is absolutely great. Maybe he's not a Chris Horton and maybe he was only absolutely great against second- and third-string opposing players during preseason, but shouldn't that have have been enough to secure a position with us? I mean, really, when you were looking at all the rookies that you drafted, you decided that Durant Brooks was a winner and Marcus Mason, with his crazy breakaways and awesome yardage, just didn't have what it takes?

I don't care if Shaun Alexander knows your offense already; if you'd kept Mason on from the beginning, he would not only know the offense, but he'd also have been practicing with Clinton Portis and Ladell Betts and learning from them. Now Mason is on the Baltimore Ravens' practice squad and if that's not a horrible place to be, I don't know what is (besides Dallas and Philadelphia).

For shame, Jim Zorn. For shame.

Disappointed in You,


P.S. You should know that some important people might be reading this blog. The CBS announcers on Sunday said some of the very things during their in-game commentary that I've said in my letters! Like the thing about not reading Chris Horton's name because his hair covers the top of his jersey! That's classic Redskin Letters material! Gosh. All someone has to do is mention being slapped around by Patriots Boyfriend and I'll know that they're reading for sure!


Mike Stanton said...

In Sonny's defense, billy kilmer would get a dui the same night. If one got arrested the other would be in the jail cell right next to him saying that was fun, but that was in the 70's when a dui wasnt considered as bad as it is today. Also notice how Ryan Plckemeier's last name seems oddly similar to Placekicker. Also Shaun Alexander was the 2005 League MVP the year the Seahawks went to and lost the super bowl. (The Madden Cover curse that offseason ruined his career). Mason is good though, but unproven against starters. (Mason had great preseason numbers, but it was against backups trying to make the team) Mason is a fine backup but Alexander could be a better suited backup for the strech run.

Jim Zorn does not what he is doing, think Seattle won the NFC West last season (granted that division should have been called the NFC Weak) but they were a playoff team and made it to the NFC Divsional round. Jim Zorn was the QB Coach but without him Seattle is 1-5, ranked 30th in overall offense, and they are on their 3rd Quarterback on the year. (QB Matt Haslebeck has been hurt and missed afew games, 3rd Stringer Charlie Frye has had to start, and then 2nd stringer Senaca Wallace is back from injury and now starting for the injured Haslebeck.) Useless information I know but Coach Zorn has the Redskins ranked 7th in overall offense up 8 spots from this time last year, so he knows what he is doing with players.

Also I caught CBS Play By Play Announcers Ian Eagle and Solomon Wilcots mentioning the Chris Horton long hair covering his jersey comment. As for the being beaten around by a Patriots boyfriend, I thought I heard Tony Kornheiser mentioning something about that to Ron Jaworski and Mike Torrico on MNF the other night.

Redskin letters coincidence hmmmmm?

Karen said...

Gosh! That was lots of boring information!

Thanks for reading!

Mike Stanton said...

its what i do best lol