23 December 2008

Patriots Boyfriend's Gonna Lose Another Finger

Dear LaRon Landry,

Hi, pal! I hope that you're still basking in the glow from your awesome play-of-the-day from Sunday afternoon. I know that I am, vicariously (to Patriots Boyfriend: I know it's a big word; look it up). It's hard to say what I liked most about your hit on Reggie Brown; was it your effort? That it prevented the Eagles from scoring? That it prevented the Eagles from winning? That it (probably) prevented the Eagles from going to the playoffs? I just can't choose.

Not everything is sunshine and princess unicorns, though. I asked Patriots Boyfriend to count how many times our defensive players ALMOST caught interceptions, but he can't count very high on account of a series of tragic accidents that took away a thumb, pinky, and index finger, so I don't know for sure, but I'm betting that it was more than his seven fingers. What? Would I lie to you, LaRon?

Please catch all the inteceptions next time, or, in my ire, Patriots Boyfriend's gonna lose another finger.

Merry Christmas!


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