23 November 2009

It's Haiku Monday!

Dear Clinton Portis,

Guess what today is!!!!  It's Haiku Monday!  Don't confuse it with Drink Wine Monday, which today ALSO is.  Don't.  Seriously.  I'll get pissed.

Anyway, here are a bunch of haikus for you to pass along to your friends on the team.  You can even trade them for other haikus if you like.  It's like they're the gift that keeps on giving.

Portis is concussed
No more practices for him
His wish was granted

Ladell Betts got hurt
Just when he got kind of good
Out for the season

Samuels was so awesome
Why did he have to get hurt?
Please get well soon, Chris!

Cooley's pretty great
And if he wasn't married
I'd cure what ails him

Chris Horton's my fave
With his way awesome long hair
Wish he was healthy

Who remembers Colt?
Our CUT third-string quarterback
He's back in ten months!

I try to ignore
The irrelevant Jim Zorn
Just like other fans

There you go, Portis.  Also, you're killing me in fantasy football--I no longer consider it to be fantastic.



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