05 January 2009

"We're Gonna Let Them Totally St. Louis Ram Us"

Dear Jim Zorn,

So I was watching the NFC Wildcard playoff games and was shocked (shocked!) to find out that the Redskins didn't make it in. NOT! I wasn't shocked at all because I didn't stop following you guys halfway into the season when you were 6-2 and actually looking like professional football players. I stayed with you this whole time as you decided to go 2-6 to finish out the year. Why did you do that? Did you call a big team meeting and write "2-6" on a dry erase board, underline it, and announce to the room, "Here's what we're aiming for, guys. This right here. No more, no less. Some will tell you that you can't lose against the Bengals or the 49ers, but they're wrong. We're gonna let them totally St. Louis Ram us." Yeah, I just made "St. Louis Ram" a verb; don't be jealous.

I'm betting that your biggest concern in this off-season so far is whether or not you'll continue to get letters from me. Be not concerned. You're gonna get them all right. I don't know that I've ever seen a coach who needs so much instruction from a gal like me.

You're Welcome!


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